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Sur Italia en Coche 11 noches
From 1.052 €

Sur Italia en Coche 11 noches

Created: Thursday, June 2, 2022 - Departure: Saturday, September 17, 2022
Ref ID: 1494957
price per person From
1.052 €
Based on 2 adults
Created: Thursday, June 2, 2022 - Departure: Saturday, September 17, 2022
Destinations: Naples, Palermo, Sicily, Catania, Sicily, Messina (Province), Reggio Calabria (Province), Catanzaro, Brindisi, Bari, Foggia

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17 Sep
Transport from Madrid to Naples
Iberia Airlines
Iberia Airlines Iberia Airlines - IB3706 - Operated by: Iberia Express
16:25 - Madrid, Adolfo Suárez Madrid Barajas (MAD)
19:05 - Napoli, Capodichino (NAP)
2h 40m Nonstop Fare: Basic
Transport:  IB3706 Operated by:  Iberia Express
Cabin Class: Economy
Fare Name: Basic
17 Sep
Car rental
Fiat Panda 1.2 or similar
Sicily By Car
A/C 5 doors 4 people
Fiat Panda 1.2 or similar (MDMRB)
Fuel Policy: Pickup full return full
Manual transmission
Kilometraje ilimitado
OneWay - 113,22 €
Pay at pick-up office
Driver age

Minimum 18, Maximum 80

Fuel Policy
Si devuelve el coche en Domingo, recuerde que la mayoría de gasolineras en Italia están cerradas y que operan solamente con máquinas automáticas con tarjetas.
Los coches se entregarán con el tanque lleno y se tendrán que devolver con el tanque lleno. De lo contrario el cliente tendrá que pagar por el combustible que falta, más un suplemento por el servicio de repostaje.
General payment terms
El depósito mínimo que tendrá que dejar el cliente como garantía es: A (MBAR), A1 (MTMR), A2 (NBMH), B (MDMR), C (EDMR), D (CDMR), M1 (ECAR), 650.00 EUR
EEW (HDAE), EE (EDAE), E1 (CTMD), E2 (PTAR), F (IDMD), J (IGMD), N (CDAR), N1 (IDAR), N2 (PDMR), NW (IWAD), S (CWMR), S1 (DWAD), SW (CWAD), QW (FFNV), J1 (JGMR), EEN (CDAE), 800.00 EUR
G (FVMD), U (FVAD), GW (FVMD), UW (GVAD), 1000.00 EUR
PW (PFAV), L (UFBD), 1000.00 EUR
Se puede contratar en destino un seguro adicional para reducir el importe del depósito.El proveedor acepta las siguientes formas de pago: Tarjeta de crédito American Express, Tarjeta de crédito Mastercard, Tarjeta de crédito Visa El proveedor NO acepta las siguientes formas de pago: Cheques, Efectivo, Tarjeta de crédito Diners Club, Tarjeta de Prepago, Tarjetas de débito Diners, Tarjetas de débito y crédito marcadas como: electronic use only, Tarjetas Maestro, Tarjetas no emitidas por un banco, Tarjetas virtuales, Tarjetas Visa Electron Los pagos

650,00 €

Theft protection
900,00 €
Collision damage waiver
900,00 €

Capodichino Airport - Telephone: +39 081 7896252// +39 3472797013

Capodichino Airport, Naples, Italy

Opening hours:08:00 - 23:00

Area Rent a Car Buzón de llaves La oficina está ubicada en el área reservada para alquiler de autos. Hay un servicio de traslado gratuito disponible para llegar a la oficina, de 07:30 a 23:30. Dirígete al estacionamiento P5 y espera el servicio de transporte que sale cada 5 minutos. Para más detalles, puede dirigirse al centro de información dentro de la terminal y solicitar asistencia a la empresa de alquiler a través del intercomunicador.

Palese Airport - Telephone +39 081 7896252// +39 3472797013

Palese Airport

Opening hours:08:00 - 23:00

Mostrador en la terminal. Existe un Buzòn para las llaves si la oficina está cerrada.
17 Sep
1. Naples
About the destination: Naples is the regional capital of Campania and the third-largest city of Italy, after Rome and Milan, with a population of 967,069 within the city's administrative limits as of 2017. Its province-level municipality is the third-most populous metropolitan city in Italy with a population of 3,115,320 residents, and its metropolitan area (that stretches beyond the boundaries of the Metropolitan City of Naples) is the second-most populous metropolitan area in Italy and the 7th-most populous urban area in the European Union. First settled by Greeks in the first millennium BC, Naples is one of the oldest continuously inhabited urban areas in the world. In the ninth century BC, a colony known as Parthenope or Παρθενόπη was established on the Island of Megaride. In the 6th century BC, it was refounded as Neápolis. The city was an important part of Magna Graecia, played a major role in the merging of Greek and Roman society, and was a significant cultural centre under the Romans. It served as the capital of the Duchy of Naples (661–1139), then of the Kingdom of Naples (1282–1816), and finally of the Two Sicilies until the unification of Italy in 1861. Naples is also considered a capital of the Baroque, beginning with the artist Caravaggio's career in the 17th century, and the artistic revolution he inspired. Due to poverty and lack of opportunity, waves of Italians emigrated from Naples in the late 19th and early 20th century, with most going to the United States, where they settled in industrial cities. Between 1925 and 1936, Naples was expanded and upgraded by Benito Mussolini's government. During the later years of World War II, it sustained severe damage from Allied bombing as they invaded the peninsula. The city received extensive post-1945 reconstruction work. Since the late 20th century, Naples has had significant economic growth, helped by the construction of the Centro Direzionale business district and an advanced transportation network, which includes the Alta Velocità high-speed rail link to Rome and Salerno and an expanded subway network. Naples is the third-largest urban economy in Italy, after Milan and Rome. The Port of Naples is one of the most important in Europe. In addition to commercial activities, it is home to the Allied Joint Force Command Naples, the NATO body that oversees North Africa, the Sahel and Middle East. Naples' historic city centre is the largest in Europe and has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A wide range of culturally and historically significant sites are nearby, including the Palace of Caserta and the Roman ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum. Naples is also known for its natural beauties, such as Posillipo, Phlegraean Fields, Nisida, and Vesuvius. Neapolitan cuisine is noted for its association with pizza, which originated in the city, as well as numerous other local dishes. Naples' restaurants have earned the most stars from the Michelin Guide of any Italian city. The best-known sports team in Naples is the Serie A club S.S.C. Napoli, two-time Italian champions who play football at the San Paolo Stadium in the southwest of the city, in the Fuorigrotta quarter.
More info
20 Sep
Car journey 722 Kilometers - 7h 46m + Ferry
Palermo, Sicily
20 Sep
2. Palermo, Sicily
About the destination: Life in Palermo is intense. People and buildings are tightly crammed into every available space and chaotic markets render the narrow sidewalks impassable. Lush gardens exist along poor narrow streets, and drying laundry resembles the festive banners of a public festivity. Stroll along via Roma up to Corso Vittorio Emanuele, admiring the squares and the exuberant cathedral. The Palazzo dei Normani is an extraordinary fusion of styles, its Byzantine mosaics are a reminder of the city's Golden Age. The ruins of the Church of San Giovanni degli Eremiti stand around the corner, with its pink domes shielding an exotic cloister garden. The National Gallery of Sicily, housed in the Palazzo Abatellis, has a superb collection of paintings and sculpture. In the mornings, don’t miss the massive open-air Capo market. Most of Palermo’s nightlife occurs in the beach district of Mondello. There you can join the strolling crowds of young Italians sampling fish from seaside kitchen stalls and eating gelato.
More info
23 Sep
Car journey 211 Kilometers - 2h 33m
Palermo, Sicily
Catania, Sicily
23 Sep
3. Catania, Sicily
About the destination: Catania is the second largest city in Sicily. Buried seven times by fierce eruptions of the Etna volcano and several earthquakes, much of its monuments have been destroyed. Nonetheless, the old town is well maintained, so much so, that it was declared a World Heritage Site in 2002. In the city center visitors will be able to enjoy the major feature of the city: its baroque architecture. The main examples are the Cathedral Square, Piazza del Duomo ,with the Elephant Fountain, the adorned Cathedral, founded in the 11th century on the ruins of the ancient baths and the impressive 13th century Ursino Castle. The remains of the Roman and Greek heritage can still be witnessed at the former Acropolis of Katane that includes the Roman Theatre, built by Greeks and reconstructed by Romans, the Odeon and the Amphitheatre. Chaotic, noisy and boisterous, Catania’s nightlife is buzzing, hundreds of bars, clubs and eateries are at hand where to get infected with the joie de vivre of the city’s population.
More info
23 Sep
Car journey 137 Kilometers - 1h 49m
Catania, Sicily
Messina (Province)
23 Sep
4. Messina (Province)
About the destination: The metropolitan city of Messina is a local Italian city in the Region of Sicily, in island Italy. Its capital is the city of Messina. Since 4 August 2015 it has replaced the Province of Messina
More info
23 Sep
Car journey 162 Kilometers - 3h 4m + Ferry
Messina (Province)
Reggio Calabria (Province)
23 Sep
5. Reggio Calabria (Province)
About the destination: The Metropolitan City of Reggio Calabria (Italian: Città Metropolitana di Reggio Calabria) is a metropolitan city in the Calabria region of southern Italy. Its capital is Reggio di Calabria. It replaced the Province of Reggio Calabria in 2017. The Aspromonte massif dominates the western part, and with its long coastline, the metropolitan city is a popular tourist destination during the summer.
More info
25 Sep
Car journey 147 Kilometers - 2h 37m
Reggio Calabria (Province)
25 Sep
6. Catanzaro
About the destination: Catanzaro, also known as the city of the two seas, is an Italian city and the capital of the Calabria region and of its province. Catanzaro is an urban region that remains immensely active and is an important tourism center in Italy. The city is known for its strong winds and its notable silk industries that have been supplying brocades and silk to the domestic as well as the foreign markets. The city experiences a moderate Mediterranean climate with windy springs and autumns. In Catanzaro is possible to visit the famous church of Santa Teresa is also known as Chiesa dell'Observenza, and the structure is an ancient chapel which was built in the 16th century known as the Chapel of the Holy Sepulchre. Piazza Grimaldi is the main square of the city, named after the famous House of Grimaldi. The Square is the center point of the city and the main center of activity and attraction. There are several historic buildings and old structures located on all four sides of the Piazza, people meet and talk to each other here or just sit down and watch the constant ebb and flow of people. Several narrow streets and alleyways are located off the Piazza where one can spend hours strolling around and exploring the old shops and crumbling houses.
More info
25 Sep
Car journey 365 Kilometers - 4h 5m
25 Sep
7. Brindisi
About the destination: Brindisi is a city in the South of Italy, right down in the "heel of the boot" in the region of Apulia, in the coast of the Adriatic Sea. Historically, the city has played an important role in trade and culture, due to its strategic position on the Italian Peninsula and its natural port on the Adriatic Sea. The city remains a major port for trade with Greece and the Middle East. The city of Brindisi lies between two deep bays linked to the open sea by a narrow and deep channel, overlooked by the Castello Rosso (Red Castle), named for the particular color of the stone used to build it. The Swabian Castle, rather, overlooks the western channel of the port and today is a venue for major cultural events. Among the sights not to be missed, the Church of San Giovanni al Sepolcro, with a beautiful and finely-decorated marble portal, and the Colonna Romana (Roman Column), once flanked by a "twin" that today is part of the structure of the famous Colonna di Sant’Oronzo in Lecce. Beautiful sandy beaches are scattered along the coast, lapped by the clear water of the Adriatic Sea.
More info
25 Sep
Car journey 118 Kilometers - 1h 19m
25 Sep
8. Bari
About the destination: Despite the fact Bari is quite a large modern city it has managed to keep the unique atmosphere of small towns. In this city ancient buildings and strict gothic castles border with new trading centres and restaurants, making Bari even more attractive and elegant. Walk along the narrow streets of the city centre to reach the Cathedral of Bari. Built in the 12th century, its crypt is a triumph of Baroque art. In this labyrinthine streets, another fine example of Baroque architecture stands, the beautiful church San Nicola, built a thousand years ago. Castello Normanno Svevo, which was built in 1132, is one of the most notable sights of the city. The Museum of Archaeology is another place of interest in Bari as excavations in the old part of the city haven’t stopped even now, so the museum constantly gets new exhibits. If daytime is traditionally used for unhurried walks on shady valleys, night turns Bari into one noisy discotheque. Trendy bars, pubs, and clubs are ready to entertain their visitors till dawn.
More info
27 Sep
Car journey 136 Kilometers - 1h 27m
27 Sep
9. Foggia
About the destination: Foggia is a city and comune of Apulia, in southern Italy, capital of the province of Foggia. Foggia is the main city of a plain called Tavoliere, also known as the "granary of Italy". MAIN TOURIST ATTRACTIONS • The cathedral of Santa Maria de Fovea • Palazzo Dogana. On July 2013 this Palace was elected by UNESCO as ""Messenger Monument of the Culture of Peace"" for the important role it had in the cultural exchanges during centuries. • Chiesa delle Croci • I Tre Archi • Arco di Federico II • Archaeological park of Passo di Corvo.
More info
27 Sep
1 Night
28 Sep
Transport from Foggia to Madrid
Ryanair Ryanair
12:40 - Bari, Bari (BRI)
21:55 - Madrid, Adolfo Suárez Madrid Barajas (MAD)
9h 15m 0 PC 1 Stop
FR Ryanair - FR 4668
12:40 - Bari, Bari (BRI)
14:05 - Bergamo, Bergamo Orio Al Serio (BGY)
Transport:  FR4668 Operated by:  Malta Air
Cabin Class: Economy
Fare Name: Value
5h 35m - Connection in Bergamo, Bergamo Orio Al Serio (BGY)
FR Ryanair - FR 5494
19:40 - Bergamo, Bergamo Orio Al Serio (BGY)
21:55 - Madrid, Adolfo Suárez Madrid Barajas (MAD)
Transport:  FR5494 Operated by:  Malta Air
Cabin Class: Economy
Fare Name: Value
price per person From
1.052 €
Based on 2 adults
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