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Venice, Italy


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Perhaps no city is as fabulous as Venice, a metropolis built upon pilings, a labyrinth poised over a lagoon. Venice has been called the drawing room of Europe, and indeed for centuries the city was a sanctuary for ideas and idealists, a crossroad of the Byzantine and Roman worlds. Today Venice is a different kind of drawing room. Wealthy visitors clamber into gondolas to gawk at the Byzantine palaces while being serenaded by accordionists and art appreciators stand on tiptoe for a glimpse of Renaissance masterpieces. No monument is as memorable as the city itself, so use the major sights only as an excuse for wandering. Venice revolves around piazza San Marco. The best feature of the mosaic-covered Basilica di San Marco is the Pala D’Oro, a glittering gold Byzantine bas-relief. The Torre dell’Orologio, left of San Marco, is a beautifully embellished clock tower. For culture vultures check the Accademia for the best of Venetian paintings. Some say that the tourist Venice is indeed Venice, but there are other Venices as well. To find them, wander away from the major sights and into the quieter outlying residential neighbourhoods, you won’t be disappointed, this maze of stone and colour exudes enchantment from every brick.
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Creat: dimarts, 10 de maig de 2022 - Sortida: dilluns, 3 d’octubre de 2022
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Transport de Madrid a Venice

Ryanair Ryanair - FR849 - Operat per: Malta Air
13:40 - Madrid, Adolfo Suárez Madrid Barajas (MAD)
16:05 - Venice, Venezia Tessera (VCE)
0 PC Sense parar
Transport:  FR849 Operat per:  Malta Air
Classe: Economy
Tarifa: Value
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3 Nights
Hotel Canal
A 0,3 km del centre Allotjament i esmorzar Santa Croce, 553, Venice 30135 Habitación estándar con 1 cama doble o 2 individuales - 2 camas individuales
Overlooking the Grand Canal, the charming Hotel Canal is set in an old building alongside the most important waterway of Venice. Attractions such as the Basilica dei Friari, Scuola Grande di San Rocco and the Jewish Ghetto are only steps away; the Rialto Bridge can be reached within a 10-minute walk. World-famous Saint Mark's Square is within a leisurely 30-minute walk. The hotel is set opposite Santa Lucia train station and very close to Piazzale Roma. The rooms are very bright and inviting and feature 18th century furnishings as well as original flooring with lighting and mirrors made from Murano glass, creating the characteristic and elegant Venetian ambience. Guests can enjoy the hotel's beautiful flower garden, a very rare attribute for a Venice hotel. Other services and amenities include 24-hour reception, a bar and a lovely breakfast room. A wonderful place for a romantic getaway.
06 d’oct.

Transport de Venice a Madrid

Iberia Airlines
Iberia Airlines Iberia Airlines - IB3245
19:45 - Venice, Venezia Tessera (VCE)
22:30 - Madrid, Adolfo Suárez Madrid Barajas (MAD)
Sense parar Preu: Basic
Transport:  IB3245
Classe: Economy
Tarifa: Basic
1 Assegurances
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268 €
Basat en 2 adults
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